BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A washed-out road is causing some major concerns for neighbors in Pratt City.

If you travel along Lacey Road in Pratt City, you may have come across a big hole in the roadway.

“It has been over a year. The road is washed out and if you come too far, you’re going to have a disaster with your car,” Resident Janice Marshall said.

It’s an issue that Janice Marshall said is a big safety concern for neighbors.

“My church is back here, families. We’re over here and we visit. We travel,” Marshall said.

She said she’s been calling the city for over a year but nothing has been done.

“I put in the requisition I guess about a year and a half ago asking if they could come and do the roads but nobody has shown up,” Marshall said. “Finally, they came and put the cones up over here so they can notify people that there is no road.”

CBS 42’s Your Voice Your Station reached out to the mayor’s office to see what could be done. According to the city, there are plans to repave sections of Lacey Road, but when asked specifically about this problem we were told no repairs are scheduled for now.

The city sent CBS 42 the following statement:

“The city has resurfaced street segments in North Pratt including Lacey Road near One Pratt Park. Columbia Place has significant damage due to a washout and is closed near the intersection with Lacey Road. The city will keep this stretch of Columbia Place closed for the foreseeable future. There is one residential property on Columbia Place which continues to be accessible from Goings Avenue.”

Pratt City statement concerning Lacey Road

It’s not the answer Marshall said she was hoping for.

“Why not pave them all at the same time? You do part and then you come back later,” Marshall said. “How long is it going to take?”

The city said, for now, residents can take Goings Avenue to get to their homes.