BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) — Residents in Bessemer say you can see trash sprinkled along the road leading up to the local airport. Neighbors say it’s a constant problem and they want it to stop.

“Refrigerators, to freezers, to fast-food boxes,” Michael Harbin, a Bessemer resident, said.

Those are a few of the items Harbin says can be found littered along Aviation Road near the Bessemer Airport.

“It just leaves a very, very bad impression,” Harbin said. “People that fly in and out of the Bessemer Airport the only thing they see is garbage, first thing. And when they do the return flight back home, they also see garbage.”

Harbin, who lives near Aviation Road, says the trash is a neverending problem.

“I went out and picked up litter off the side of the road but then, it’s like the next day it’s always back to the same thing,” Harbin said.

CBS 42 took those concerns to Jefferson County to see what can be done about the endless litter issue. Jefferson County Director of Public Information Helen Hays said the county is aware of the litter and illegal dumping problems.

“We don’t like it. We know the residents don’t like it. We wish people would stop,” Hays said.

According to Hays, part of Aviation Road is maintained by the county and part is maintained by the city. She said if you’re not sure where your complaint falls, you can type the location into the ‘My Jefferson County’ app.

“The app actually geofences and will let you know where your complaint is. If it’s not in the county’s jurisdiction, it will direct you to the proper city,” Hays said.

Hays said the county is making plans to clean that area.

“The head of our department of roads and transportation has put in a work order for us to go and look at that area,” Hays said. “The portion that is within unincorporated Jefferson county — we will try to address it.”

Hays said there are a number of resources and efforts in place to help address illegal dumping and litter, including hidden cameras.

“We’ve identified seven areas that we know are issues. These cameras will be motioned censored and we’re working with the sheriff’s office to catch the people who are doing this illegal dumping,” Hays said.

Hays said the app also has details on landfill sites, volunteer trash pick-up programs and resources for reporting illegal dumping.

“It’s not good for the environment, it’s not good for our lakes and streams and we really want to provide citizens with a way to dispose of things the correct way,” Hays said.

You can learn more about those programs and resources on the Jefferson County website.