BIBB COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Some people are voicing their concerns over a stretch of State Highway 5 in Bibb and Perry counties; claiming the highway is narrow and dangerous.

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, State Highway 5 is approximately 200 miles long; 55 of which go across Bibb and Perry County, which make it a vital highway for residents in those areas.

“So, it is something that is very valuable to our community,” lifelong Marion resident Frances Ford said.

Ford echoes the concerns about how dangerous and narrow the highway can be, especially since the highway is only two lanes wide.

“And it is always scary,” Ford said.

Others like Marion Mayor Dexter Hinton says people are basically driving down a pitch black highway at night.

“At night, if you pass on there, it’s truly dangerous with low light and low visibility,” Hinton said.

And since the highway is only two lanes and drivers tend to lose their patience when behind slower vehicles, Ford says people take dangerous risks by attempting to pass those cars on the highway.

“And people take chances. And that also increases the possibility of accidents,” Ford said.

When wrecks occur, resident Robert Turner Jr. says they look worse and worse each time.

“When there are accidents on Highway 5, they are catastrophic,” he said.

Residents believe making it a four lane highway is the best way to keep all drivers safe on the roads.

“If there had been another opportunity so that those individuals that were traveling could have switched to another lane, it may have made a difference and it might have saved lives,” Ford said.

Marion resident Tommy King also argues having bad roads hurts drivers and businesses wanting to come to the area.

“Because that’s the first thing they’re going to look at is infrastructure,” he said. “And unfortunately, the infrastructure is just not here in Perry County and Marion,” King said.

CBS 42 took their concerns to ALDOT. Spokesperson Tony Harris says when it comes to expansion of a two lane highway, they take into account several factors.

“In a world where resources were unlimited and where money rained from heaven, we could address all the problems and priorities. But as it stands now, we have billions of dollars of back log that we don’t need every year. Billions,” Harris said.

Factors like daily traffic counts and crash numbers.

“But at the same time, we have to recognize that there is a big divide between roadways that carry 15,000 to 20,000 vehicles a day and 3,000 to 4,000 or 5,000 a day,” Harris said.

Harris says Highway 5 only sees 3,000 to potentially 5,000 vehicles a day, which means it doesn’t qualify to become a four lane road.

“There is nothing that indicates Highway 5 is more dangerous than any other road way comparable,” Harris said.

But those who want to see more lanes added aren’t giving up on the idea.

“Let’s keep knocking at the door until somebody answers,” Mayor Hinton said.

“To help Perry County to move forward to progress, and for it to improve, it would be having a four lane [highway] that would make a big difference,” Ford said.

King says they are willing to do whatever it takes to make their roads safer.

“And if there is anything that we can do as citizens of Perry County, Wilcox, Dallas, and Bibb coming together as one, we would be willing to work together to accomplish this difficult task,” King said.

Although expansion for Highway 5 isn’t in discussions at the moment, Harris did say they do reevaluate the needs of state highways at the beginning of each year.