PINSON, Ala. (WIAT) — An intersection in Pinson is drawing concern from some residents in the area. People who live off Oak Shadow Circle say the intersection on Sweeney Hollow Road can be incredibly busy and even dangerous to drive through at times.

“It’s very dangerous to go,” resident Pat Holman told CBS 42. “Because people are coming over the hill on Sweeney Hollow Road from both directions.”

Holman isn’t the only one voicing concerns about it. Joyce Norwood lives near the intersection and said visibility can also be an issue.

“You kind of like almost have to pull out in the road just to see to the left of you,” Norwood said.

And James Dye said a lot of wrecks have happened there over the years.

“There’s a lot of issues. We’ve had quite a many, numerous wrecks out here,” Dye said.

And some of the wrecks can literally hit too close to home.

“Quite a few where we’ve had cars end up in this neighbor’s yard, front yard. This neighbor’s front yard in their ditch,” Dye said. “A couple of guys that busted through the stop sign. Flew all the way up here. Lost control and took out the control box right there.”

People who spoke with CBS 42 believe a way to make the intersection safer is a traffic light.

“It’s been needed for years and years. And every time the accidents get worse and worse,” Holman said.

Dye poised the question why other busy intersections in the area have traffic lights.

“They got one up there by Taylor Church. They’ve got a traffic light. And it’s working decently there,” Dye said.

CBS 42 brought those concerns to city and county leaders since it is a county road. Mayor Joe Cochran says when it comes to getting a light installed, traffic counts would dictate the decision. County and city requirements can vary based on jurisdiction. County Commissioner Joe Knight says they haven’t received complaints about the intersection, but they will have a study done in the area to see if one is needed. When the study is done, neighbors hope they consider every factor.

“So, don’t just do this one study saying we don’t need it right now. Come back two or three months later. Come back five months later. Keep coming back out and say ‘yeah, it’s needed,” Dye said.

Because they don’t want the wrecks to get worse, even fatal.

“Maybe it’s going to take something like that to happen in order for them to put up a traffic light,” Norwood said.

Once the findings of the study become public, CBS 42 will update the story.