BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A viewer reached out to CBS 42 about overgrown lots near her home in South Pratt City. She said she called the city several times, but the issue just keeps on growing. CBS 42’s Carly Laing made some calls to find what needs to be done to fix it.

Mary Hoskins lives in Pratt City. She said weeds and kudzu are taking over the property surrounding her home. She said it’s attracting mosquitos, stray animals and is simply just not nice to look at.

If you drive around Birmingham, you’ve probably seen several dilapidated homes and overgrown lots. For Hoskins, it’s something she sees every day.

“It just keeps growing up so bad and the mosquitos is real bad out back here now,” Hoskins said.

Weeds, tall grass and kudzu are taking over the lots surrounding her home.

“The city used to keep all that clean back there but when this COVID came, they just quit everything,” Hoskins said.

It started in May and with summer rain and heat, the problem just keeps on growing, literally.

“I think they should do better with tax paying people,” Hoskins said. “We would like to see things kept up a little better. I’m sure if it was in their neighborhood, they would do it.”

She said she called the city’s 311 number but never heard anything back. It left her confused on if anything was happening to address the issue.

CBS 42 reached out to the city to see what could be done. According to the city, Hoskins’ complaint was filed on June 1. The city said it has 60 days to assess the problem and notify you on a plan or timeline to fix it.

After CBS 42’s inquiry, the city did send a crew to view the property. It said after looking at the issue, Environmental Code Enforcement will be sending a violation notice to that property owner.

The city also confirmed that several lots around Hoskins’ home have already been declared a public nuisance, and a contractor will be assigned to clean up the area. The city wants to remind viewers these complaints are legal matters and take time to get through the legal process.

In the meantime, you can call 311, give the city your case number and the city will provide you with updates. This way, you can stay informed on the status of your complaint.

If you would like to report an overgrown lot, you can report it to the city by calling 311. You can also go to the City of Birmingham’s website and click “311 requests.”