BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A Smithfield man reached out to CBS 42’s Your Voice Your Station hotline about speeding concerns in his neighborhood. He said he tried to get the city to install speed bumps but so far those requests have gone unanswered.

Children at play signs can be seen outside of Derrick Young’s house. It’s his latest attempt to slow people down when driving through his neighborhood in the Smithfield community.

“Somebody’s child is going to end up getting run over,” Young said.

However, Young says the speeding issues will take more than just a few signs — as it’s a constant problem along his street.

“The excessive speeding and they’re running straight through this stop sign,” Young said.

Young has captured video on his security camera, showing drivers speeding through the neighborhood and running the stop sign. The video also showed one driver almost hitting someone backing out of their driveway.

Young said several kids in the neighborhood ride the bus to school and with no sidewalks in the area, safety is a big concern.

“They know not to walk on this street. They gone walk across them yards. So I figured if we get them speedbumps that will just prevent a whole lot of that and just save some of these kids’ life,” Young said.

He said he’s reached out to the city for help but so far, that call has gone unanswered. He’s now taking matters into his own hands.

“Well, sometimes I may put the garbage cans a little too far. Just trying to make it like a one-lane so you have to wait on the next car to go by. Because if you open it up, it turns into a racetrack,” Young said.

CBS 42 took his concerns to the city, to which Marie Sutton with Mayor Woodfin’s office told us that the area would need to meet certain criteria in order to get speed bumps installed.

While we were not able to get someone with the city on camera to comment, Sutton sent a statement saying:

“While residents may see and witness speeding in their neighborhood, there are streets with worse issues. We have to have a speed threshold in order to prioritize where we can place them with limited resources.”

Sutton also said if you would like to make a request for traffic calming, you can do so through the city’s 311 number. The city would also need to get input from the community and signatures would need to be collected.

Young said he had made a request through 311 and started a petition to get signatures.

Sutton also told CBS 42 that this road was analyzed in 2021, stating “The data showed that the speeds on the street did not meet our standard criteria for cushions. We did install some all-way stops in the neighborhood as part of the case.”

Young said he will continue to push for speedbumps and improving safety in his neighborhood.