Narrow roads and brush trouble neighbors in Lipscomb neighborhood

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LIPSCOMB, Ala. (WIAT) – Some in a small neighborhood in Lipscomb are frustrated with the overall conditions of their neighborhood. The problems range from random potholes to blighted properties, but the biggest concerns that were raised were related to the roads of Avenue E and F.

“Ain’t nobody come out. It’s too big of an eyesore everywhere around here,” Jerry Henry, who’s lived in the area for eight years said.

Arthur Williams, who has lived off Avenue F for several years, said it can be treacherous driving to his home. For one, he said the roads are extremely narrow for two cars to drive on and believes something has to be done about it.

“But there’s no white line. And it’s dangerous when you’re coming around,” Williams said.

He said driving at night or in the rain is another nightmare, too.

“You practically have to stop if it’s at night. And don’t let it be raining. You definitely ain’t going to see nothing there,” Williams said.

And what makes Avenue F feel more narrow is the random brush growing from abandoned, blighted properties.

“Some other houses just grown up and rotted away. With the bushes grown wild and nobody is doing anything about it,” Williams said.

The brush has gotten so bad at the corner of 7th Street and Avenue F, Williams, along with other neighbors, said their cars have gotten scratched up from it.

“I think I got enough scratches in my car. You know. I don’t think I need any more,” Williams said.

“You got them scratches on there. And then, there are some on the other side. Where the stuff out there that’s been on the road,” Henry said.

Henry lives right by where the brush is at its worst. He said it’s gotten so bad recently, he’s taken matters into his own hands.

“I just went up there and started cutting. Which I walk all the time and I’ll do that. Anything to help out!” Henry said.

And Henry doesn’t believe it should be this way.

“We ain’t getting no kind of help out here,” Henry said.

Williams said these issues go beyond their neighborhood.

“Going right up that street, if you look to your right, you can see those bushes protruding out in the street also,” Williams said.

None of the residents are blaming the city for these issues; they just hope the city can do something.

“Be concerned about these citizens around here. I’m not just speaking for myself. Be more concerned than what you are,” Henry said.

Williams claims to have talked to Lipscomb Mayor Tonja Baldwin about the issues in his neighborhood. CBS 42 reached out to the city several times for comment on what can be done to address the issue. An assistant with the city says they haven’t received any complaints about the issue.

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