Five Points South construction leaves unfinished road and frustration with neighbors

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Residents in Five Points South say they are sick of driving over a road that was dug up during townhome construction and then never fully repaired.

The section of road sits in front of the TownView Apartments along 16th Ave. South.

City leaders said the contractor never finished up the work from connecting utilities for the new City View Terrace townhomes across the street. Now, that uneven ground is causing headaches and damage to neighbors’ cars.

“This is my eyesore every day,” Carletta Brown said. “I think a lot of people can mess up their vehicles out here if you’re not careful.”

Brown emailed us two weeks ago worried the new tires she bought for her car wouldn’t hold up.

“I try to stay closer to edge when I come and when I go, make sure there’s no traffic coming at me, so I stay on that side,” she said.

It’s an obstacle course that neighbors have learned to dodge for weeks now.

“People just speed through here and I’ve seen it tear up people’s cars,” Leah Carol Williams said. “The street is in very bad shape and this is just a condensed fraction of the problems all along this street really, but this is the part where you can really mess up your car.”

Williams said she warns delivery drivers and others to go the back way and avoid it.

Both women are still wondering why this utility work was only filled with gravel and never repaved. A road sign on the ground and the unevenness shows the unfinished work.

“They just didn’t fix everything, they just left it and it’s just really been a problem for everybody that lives around here,” Williams said. “Everyone that comes down here thinks it’s ridiculous.”

The phone number listed on a building permit for the City View Terrace townhomes took us directly to ARC real estate agent – Blake Shultz. Over the phone he told us he represents the townhomes’ contractor. He said the people in charge of fixing the road stopped answering their calls even though they had already paid for the work to be done.

Shultz was not available for an on-camera interview before this story aired and would not release the name of the party responsible for leaving the mess or who they have hired now to fix the road.

We have also been searching for the property owner CityView Enterprises, LLC. The most recent address we could find was a vacant storefront downtown. A nearby business said they moved out years ago.

“They know about it, do something about it,” Brown said.

In an email, a Birmingham city spokesperson said that the owner and contractor are the ones responsible for final asphalt where they installed the utility connections.

“I can’t imagine spending that much money on a townhome and then the street out front is in that condition,” Williams said.

Shultz said they did find another company to finish the project and it is expected to be done very soon. CBS 42 will continue to stay on top of this story to see if the work is completed.

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