CHILDERSBURG, Ala. (WIAT) — CBS 42’s Your Voice Your Station team has a resolution to report regarding a story about a problem clogging a tributary of the Coosa River.

Our story prompted the Federal Railroad Administration to issue a citation to the railroad company responsible for allowing debris to stay caught underneath a bridge over Tallaseehatchee Creek.

April McGee called CBS 42 for help because the debris pile had been causing flooding and environmental concerns.

“I feel like they did a better job this year in cleaning it up,” McGee said. “They hired a third-party company.”

RJ Corman owns the railroad bridge and by law is responsible for maintaining the waterway beneath it. Within a week of our story airing, it had contracted out to get the job done.

“Thank you for the hard work that you’ve done helping us get this cleaned up and the Coosa River Keeper for staying on top of it and helping us get it cleaned up,” McGee said. “I just ask that more citizens be more vocal about the issue because it is their waterway, too, and the people on the other side of the trusses deal with a lot more water than we do.”

McGee is concerned about where they piled the remaining logs near the tracks and water – she believes they will eventually make their way back into the creek because the area floods several times a year.

“I wish they would have removed it completely instead of just leaving it on property piled up next to the train tracks to keep growing every year or every time they clean it out and become a bigger issue later,” McGee said.

Corman has not answered CBS 42’s repeated requests for how often it will be cleaning the water underneath the bridge.

The FRA has completed its investigation to determine if the railroad company will receive a fine for failing to maintain proper damage under the Federal Track Safety Standards. A spokesperson said a follow-up inspection occurred May 10, but since the railroad already had plans to remediate the situation and followed through, no fine was assessed.