BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — CBS 42’s “Your Voice, Your Station” hotline has been getting a lot of calls about overgrown lots in Birmingham. This time, we’re focusing on a property in the Collegeville area, where a neighbor says it’s been over two years since the city has cut weeds on the lot next to her home.

Mary El Amin said the lot next door has been neglected for quite some time.

“My husband is 6 foot 2. If he stands on the other side you can’t see him,” El Amin said.

Tall grass, weeds and critters are all making a comfortable home next door.

“It hasn’t been cut in over two years now. I put a sticky pad out one day for mice and caught a snake,” El Amin said.

El Amin said the lot has become a big nuisance, even causing safety concerns for people driving on the road.

“My son was almost hit one day coming out of the driveway because he couldn’t see. So that’s when I turned into a traffic cop. Whenever someone comes and parks, I stand out here and make sure no one is coming,” she said.

El Amin said waiting years for the city of Birmingham to take action wouldn’t cut it anymore.

“Like I told you, I’ve been overrun with mice. Stand in the yard and see the mice headed for the house,” she said.

El Amin’s daughter has called the city’s 311 number to report the issue several times and emailed pictures to prove how serious the situation is.

“Oh, she’s called. It’s on the list but we’ve been on the list for six months now,” El Amin said. “When are they going to cut it?”

CBS 42 reached out to the city about El Amin’s complaint. The city said if a lot is privately owned, the city has to track down the owner and give them a chance to correct the issue. If that fails, then the city can step in and help. They said this process usually takes a long time.

While waiting on an update from the city, El Amin called CBS 42 to report that the lot had been cut, just days after our call to the city.

“I’d like to thank CBS 42. I appreciate it very much. Very, very much,” she said.

CBS 42 reached out to the city after El Amin’s update. A spokesperson confirmed that the lot was declared a public nuisance and was cut last on Aug. 18.

As for El Amin, she is thrilled to finally be able to enjoy her yard again.

“I pray it gets cut at least twice a year. I don’t want to have to get in touch with you again,” she joyfully exclaimed.