NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — Many residents have complained about how dangerous Highway 43 is to travel. CBS 42 is taking a look to see if there is anything that can be done to make the roadway safer.

Barbie Perry’s best friend, 36-year-old mother of four Audra Rogers, was killed in a fatal car wreck last July on Highway 43. Her four sons in the car with her were taken to the hospital but all survived. Perry wants the roadway in Tuscaloosa County to be upgraded to a 2-lane in both directions.

“I am honestly terrified every time I travel on that road and I hear about all the accidents and I am really wondering what can be done there and I think that’s a great point making it a two way on each side I think would make it a great solution” Perry said.

24,000 cars travel Highway 43 every day, Carroll’s Creeks Fire Chief says, and in the past year, there were dozens of car accident. ALDOT Tuscaloosa Spokesman John McWilliams says there is not enough funding to upgrade the roadway to a 2-way in both directions.

“We are constantly looking to upgrade areas but sometimes you have to look at the money aspect and right now it does not have enough traffic count to four lane that stretch”.      

McWilliams says ALDOT has made some other road improvements in the area.

“We made new turn lane extensions at Bone Camp Road and Paul Howell and some other areas. So we are doing what we can to improve that area by adding what we can”.

ALEA State Troopers are encouraging motorists who travel along Highway 43 to use caution such as: Follow the rules that govern the roadway such as never travel above the posted speed limit, never follow too close and avoid all forms of distracted driving.