Will your Turkey, or the Weather, be dry on Thursday???

Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

Trick question….The weather will be both dry and rainy Thursday. It will all depend on what time of day you’re in and where you are exactly.

Let’s get right to it. After another cold start Wednesday morning followed by a pleasant Wednesday afternoon, Thursday will be our transition day.

A cold front is developing to our west and that will scoot across Alabama in time for a Turkey coma, brought on by binging tryptophan at Granny’s house. This will be the perfect rain to sooth your pleasantly stuffed self to an afternoon nap or skip the nap and dive right into your REM sleep for the night.

The timeline is as follows: Rain begins just after lunch time in West Alabama, this will progress through the central part of the state mid afternoon through early evening. The broad line of showers will contain a patch or two of moderate rain, but all in all, no major storms are expected. This is NOT a severe weather set-up. The line exits through East Alabama a bit closer to sunset and moves completely south of us before sunrise Friday morning.

After the front moves out, the temperatures will be dropping and we are back to a cold morning Friday. It will be a breezy, sunny and cool Friday with highs only topping out in the mid 50s.

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