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What is a Hurricane Hunter???

Well, the hurricane hunting TEAM is comprised of 20 individuals (10 full time and 10 part time). Did you know some of the part timers are school teachers, pilots and realtors, cool huh?

So, when do these aircraft get deployed?

As soon as the system is what refer to as a ‘closed system’. That means the winds are blowing in counterclockwise rotation, but it doesn’t always mean there is organized circulation. So, the team investigates flying from 500-1500 feet above the ocean. Once it’s determined there is circulation, the mission transforms to a “fix” mission.

Why fly perfectly good humans and a perfectly good airplane through a storm? Well, it improves data by 30 percent. That means we minimize uncertainties and therefore save thousands, even millions, of dollars for cities preparing for these storms.

So, where is our Hurricane Hunter right now? I’m glad you asked. This was their path over the last 24 hours!

The hurricane hunters will begin traversing Dorian more frequently now that Dorian is a Hurricane. The information they will provide will be invaluable, helping meteorologists all along the coast prepare for what will likely be a major hurricane.

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