Holiday photos: How to use the weather to your advantage

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Before you book your holiday photo session, here are some tips from the experts about how you can plan ahead and use the weather to your advantage. 

#1- Time of day is key. Book around golden hour. That’s one hour before sunset, so between 3 and 3:30 should be your start time. 

Megan Pettus, owner of Megan Pettus Videography said, “There’s a reason why golden hour is loved by photographers. It’s because the light is golden and just dreamy and beautiful. People love it. If you enjoy a more moody edit. Something to think about as well would be blue hour. And that is when the sun has set but it’s not dark yet. And then you can also reverse it. If you are more of a morning person, you can do right as the sun is rising and it’s beautiful.”

Avoid the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky. “It might be good for your schedule. But, it’s not great for your photographs. However, if you are working with someone that knows how to bend the light, to flatter their subjects, it is possible for them to have you like Peter Pan, face your shadows. Here’s a tip for all the moms that are doing iPhone-ography, just have your kid face the shadow and that way the sun won’t blow out their face and their eyes will be open and it’ll be great. So, it can be done. But, you’re going to love those photographs taken closer to the end of the day,” Pettus said. 

#2- Pay attention to your surroundings if you’re outdoors. 

“Sometimes what’s on the ground can reflect up into our faces. So, if you are in a place such as a golf course where you have that short green gas that can also make your faces look green. Conversely, if you are on a sidewalk that is nice and well lit and light colored, that light is going to come up on your face and make you look like you’ve had some nice work done, very gentle work done,” Pettus said. 

#3- Lighting is important even if you’re indoors. 

“If you’re doing an in home session, definitely look for the time that your home is flooded with light. Because the more light you have, the better your photos will come out as well as your videos if you do that,” Pettus said. 

#4- Plan for meltdowns =)

“As a mom, my first tip is ‘just breathe momma’. Know that these are the memories that are going to be made try not to create this idea in your head of a Pinterest mom that is perfect. Because that’s not real life. Go with the moment. If your kid is having a meltdown, take a break. Plan for meltdowns. Be early for your session so you can have meltdowns. And again, choose a photographer that you enjoy working with and that your kids enjoy working with too,” Pettus said. 

And remember, you are investing in the quality of your holiday photos and how you want the memories to be captured. You truly get what you pay for when selecting a photographer. 


“The enemy of a pretty photograph is clutter. So, choose a location that’s clean and clutter free,” Pettus said. 

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