Could Central Alabama be one of the rainiest places in the U.S. this year?

Based on current rainfall totals, Tuscaloosa‘s ACFD weather station has set a new local rainfall record of 62.24”. Birmingham, although shy of the record, currently sits at 58.98″.

Although this has been one rainy year, it hasn’t been the rainiest for Birmingham wherein 1979, saw 62.06” of rain as of Oct. 5. Conversely, the driest year, to date, was 1895 with only 20.75”.

So, how does Central Alabama stack up to some other traditionally rainy towns? You may immediately think of the Pacific Northwest who is known for gray and gloomy weather. Surprisingly, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, to date, have seen nearly twice the rainfall that Seattle, WA sees in a year. New Orleans is climatologically the rainiest city in America, averaging just over 60” of rain each year.

As of now, comparing Birmingham to the rest of the major U.S. cities, Birmingham is the winner for most rainfall so far.

October, which is generally our driest month of the year, has already amassed over 4 inches of rain in Birmingham. Usually, rain in October is directly contributed to tropical systems, however, this month’s rain event is not directly tied to a tropical storm.

We will continue to watch the tropics, as any Gulf storms could dump more rain for us here in Alabama and hurricane season won’t end until Nov. 30.

As a result of so much rain, we haven’t had an issue with drought this year.