Hurricane Dorian racks up the rankings in the weather history books

Weather Wednesday

Dorian will go down in the tropical metrology weather books. Here, we tracked Dorian from the time it was a thunderstorm out to sea, watching it narrowly missing Puerto Rico, then exploding into a Cat 5 hurricane. The track then turned to the U.S. and hugged the coastline of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina before making U.S. landfall on Cape Hatteras and following the eastern seaboard to Canada. 

Here are some of the lasting reminders of Dorian and where it lands in the history books.

Dorian was one of the longest names storms and tied for 3rd place for most named days by a storm forming in August. Dorian was a named stormed for 14 days.

Within those 14 days, Dorian spent 10 as a Hurricane, landing Dorian the number 6 spot and tying Emmy from 1976 and Frances from 2004.

Dorian has the 9th lowest pressure in the Atlantic basin since 1980. You may also remember Hurricane Ivan, which impacted Alabama in a big way. Ivan also had pressure of 910 hPa. 

And Dorian is the only category 5 storm to make landfall on Grand Bahama and the strongest to make landfall on any Bahama island.

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