In today’s weather lesson, we learn about barometric pressure.

I get this question often…what is the pressure? and why should we be concerned with it? Well, like any variable in the weather, it gives us clues to what is happening in the atmosphere. We know that air above us acts like a fluid, and fluids take up space, therefore it’s matter, and matter has force. That force, in the this case performs as pressure. What we measure is called Barometric pressure.

It’s simple. When we have low pressure, that means the air is rising. When we have higher pressure, that means the air is sinking. It’s easy, when we have lower pressure that is a clue that rain and possible storms are approaching, whereas high pressure points to sunny and favorable weather.

Also, because the air pressure directly relates to changes in weather, that is why your grandma’s achy joints can help tell when bad weather is coming. As the pressure changes, it affects our bodies, in most it goes unnoticed, but for those with sensitivities, like arthritis, the slightest change in pressure sends messages to those joints. Therefore, those joint pains point us to weather changes by way of changing air pressure.