Chief Meteorologist Ashley Gann shows us how the sun’s energy can help us make S’mores. It’s like a solar oven, but a little more kid friendly.

This activity is a good reminder that it’s not just heat that can cook food or melt chodoclate, but it’s the actual energy produced by the sun and how we direct energy that makes the difference.

For this project Ashley recommends a pizza box (you’ll see she improves here…), foil, black paper, and the makings for your s’mores.

The box will be your base, where the food goes. The lid of that box will be how we reflect the sun’s energy.

The black paper will go under your s’mores. So put the black paper down first. Then place your graham crackers on top with chocolate and then marshmallows. The black paper absorbs the heat. This will help the s’mores to melt. (You will also see that Ashley didn’t have black paper and just put more foil at the bottom).

When you do this at home. Tag Ashley on social media so she can share you pictures on-air.
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