TROPICS: Tropical Storm Dorian threatens Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic this week


Tracking the Tropics

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Tropical Storm Dorian is a little weaker this morning, with winds of 50 mph as it moves over St. Lucia and into the eastern Caribbean Sea. The National Hurricane Center has not changed the forecast track too much, but has changed the intensity forecast just a bit.

Right now, the NHC has Dorian remaining a tropical storm as it interacts with Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Wednesday and Thursday. Once the storm passes over the DR, and feels the impacts of the very mountainous terrain, the storm should weaken to a minimal tropical storm or tropical depression.

However, once the low pressure area moves back over the waters of the Atlantic near the Bahamas, it is expected to maintain or regain tropical storm strength. By the weekend, the storm is expected to take aim at the east coast of Florida.

Potentially, this storm will be a rain maker for Florida, something they don’t need. Also with storms like this, waterspouts and an isolated tornado or two can’t be ruled out either. This would most likely take place on Sunday.

Once we get to Monday, and if the storm crosses Florida into the Gulf of Mexico, we will have to watch it closely. Stay tuned right here for any future updates.

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