Lightning strikes home of Muscogee County School Board member


Lightning struck a Muscogee County School Board Member’s home earlier this evening. 

Mark Cantrell says he was sitting in his recliner relaxing when heard a loud crack, then he smelled smoke. 

Red dirt, broken cement, and torn window blinds are what you see when walking up to the house. 

From a distance the gaping hole in the ground where the lightning hit. The strike whipped through his office window, buried into the ground and traveled about 70-90 feet to the driveway, 

Cantrell says the lightning split and hit both sides of his yard. 

“You see it broke the sidewalk and threw it about 30-40 feet down there. That’s an electric dog fence and it went all the way around the house. You can see where it actually moved out. And this wire is only this big and it went all the way around here and all the way around the whole house,” Cantrell says. 

The smell of smoke filled his office. There were shards of glass and wall insulation everywhere. 

Sergeant Miller of the Columbus Fire and EMS says she’d never seen anything like it before. 

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