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HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WIAT) — Hueytown is one city without a storm shelter, but the mayor tells us that’s going to change soon.

For now, local churches are opening their doors to residents.

Senior Pastor John Verciglio of First United Methodist Church showed CBS 42 around his church which will serve as a storm shelter Saturday. 

Pastor Verciglio said, “We’ll also have weather radios.”

Verciglio has a plan to evacuate his very own home if told to do so on Saturday.

Vercigleo said, “We will not stay here if we feel there’s such a high risk. ​We do have a pretty good underground area where we can utilize in safety and short time frame.”​

Other churches in the area are also opening their doors for shelters like Hueytown Church of Christ and New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church.

CBS 42 Storm Team issued a Weather Alert for potential severe weather on Saturday.

Local EMA’S have been providing lists of storm shelters and safe rooms to be secure. ​

​But right now, Hueytown doesn’t have a shelter.

Hueytown Mayor Steve Ware said, “Its something we’ve needed for a long time.” ​

 Mayor Ware showed CBS 42 a storm shelter that the people of Hueytown will soon be able to wait out a tornado. ​

​Mayor Ware said, “It brings people a lot security, a lot of peace knowing that they have something like this to come to.” ​

The new shelter under construction is located in the heart of Hueytown. ​$850,000 in federal money was used for financing and will be able to hold up to 200 people. ​

Ware says the shelter will be open by June.​

 Mayor Ware said, “The very first one but I hope it’s not the last.” ​

Meantime, Pastor John Vercigleo is ready for whatever mother nature plans to deliver.

He is planning ahead with possible severe weather on the way.

Pastor Vercigleo said, “We want to make sure we have ample light so we’re able to see.” ​

 The church shelter opens around 11 a.m. EMA officials urge to have a plan and to make sure everyone in the household is aware of the plan.


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