The Harvest Moon is the first full moon after the Autumnal Equinox. This generally takes place in September, but this year, October 1st. The next time we will have a harvest moon in October is the year 2028.

Interestingly, sun set and moon rise happen at nearly the same time on this day and that allowed extra light for the farmers to harvest their crops, as the full moon still provided enough light to work. Hence, the name, “Harvest moon” was born.

At the end of October, and on Halloween nonetheless, we will have our second full moon of the month. Full moons occur ever 28 days, thus, we generally only have one full a month. Every so often, like this month, we will get the unique occurrence of 2 full moons. When this happens, the second full moon gets the name “Blue Moon”. It will not shine blue, sorry to disappoint.