August 26th, 2019 Tropical Weather Discussion


Tracking the Tropics

More Tracking the Tropics

There are still two active tropical disturbances in the Atlantic today…

Closest to home, we have Invest 98L, located about 275 miles Southeast of Cape Hatteras.  It’s likely to become a tropical depression sometime over the next 24 hours, but regardless of development, this will NOT be impacting land as it continues tracking East out into the open ocean.

Near the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Dorian continues its track West, moving at 14 mph towards the islands of Barbados, Grenada, and Dominique with peak winds of 60 mph.  As it moves through the warm ocean waters of the Caribbean, it will likely strengthen into a hurricane by sometime tomorrow evening.

Dorian is likely to curve NW and approach Hispañola with landfall likely sometime early Thursday.  Because Hispañola is so mountainous, this will likely disrupt the storm’s structure, weakening the storm before approaching closer to the Bahamas & Florida.  Beyond Thursday, how exactly Dorian will evolve is too uncertain to go into specific details.

The good news is: with the storm’s current track, it’s NOT very likely that it will enter the Gulf of Mexico and impact Alabama.  Of course we’ll be watching it as it approaches the US!

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