BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Sneezing, scratchy throats and headaches may be a few symptoms you have if you’re suffering from allergies this summer.

However, allergies may not be the case, as something in the air may actually be causing you to suffer.

We can forecast air quality by using the air quality index. We do this by looking at the weather pattern and measuring things in the atmosphere such as ground level ozone.

For folks that think it is pollen causing them to sneeze, that’s not the case. The pollen count is low in the latter half of the week. A high pressure system is in place making us warm and dry, which means our air is stagnant and in a bowl. In turn, this means it’s not moving very much and gets dirty.

The health department measures this at various sites across Jefferson County and they are in the moderate level area.

The Air Quality Index or AQI is at 61 for moderate particulates. That means it is unhealthy for some to breathe. If you suffer from respiratory issues, you should stay in air conditioned areas and limited outdoor activities.

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