There will be little chance of feeling warm again at least for the next 7-10 days. Tonight it’s safe to say it will be bitterly cold outside.

With temperatures in the 20s tonight and winds at 10 mph, the feels like temperatures will be in the teens tonight through tomorrow morning.

Afternoon temperatures remain cold as well. Most spots stay in the 30s with the exception of a couple places who will briefly see 40s. No rain Friday with a partly to mostly cloudy sky.

Temperatures remain cold even as we move into the weekend. A ridge of high pressure slides into view and that will create sinking air that moves out the clouds and keeps sunshine the main feature of the sky Saturday and Sunday. Although temperatures by Saturday afternoon will be warmer, they will only be SLIGHTLY warmer.

Play it safe if outdoors. With a good portion of our nights and mornings at or below freezing, it will be important to cover any exposed skin and try to limit time outdoors…unless it’s around a fire pit making smores, of course.

The next time temps will be in the 50s will be Monday morning, then a chance of rain returns Tuesday followed by more cold air again next week. Although this forecast is not ideal for those who love the warmer temperatures, it is normal for this time of year. We generally get our longest stretches of cold air between mid January and late February.