Tonight: Temperatures remain seasonable in the low 60s. For tomorrow I think some spots in west Alabama see their first 90 degree day of the year. Climatologically speaking, May 21st is around the first time we start seeing 90 degree days. However, our earliest on record has been April. So, May 11th isn’t terribly unusual

This heat won’t be a momentary blip either. It looks like these warmer than average temperatures stick around through next week. There are no major rain makers in sight and no hazardous weather outlooks for the next 7-10 days.

The dominant ridge of high pressure that is largely controlling our weather right now will start to slide off to the east. As it retreats, we will benefit from a few clouds and a possible shower this weekend. This will not make for a profound change in our forecast though. These aren’t “change your plans” kind of showers. More or less, it’s just “hey, don’t blame the weather people if a few sprinkles emerge this weekend”.