WEATHER AWARE TONIGHT: More storms are expected across north Alabama through the evening hours tonight. Most of the activity will stay largely north of I-20 along a surface front and associated with outflow boundaries. These storms can produced some localized flooding and frequent lightning.

WEATHER AWARE SATURDAY: The surface front will inch its way into North Alabama through the day and that will instigate a few waves of showers and storms. These impulses will produce heavy rain and lightning. High temperatures will range from the upper 80s to the low 90s. It will all depend on the clouds and rain. those that get a bit more sunshine will have temperatures in the low 90s. Where there is more cloud cover and more rain, temps will likely stay in the upper 80s.

Sunday through Early Next Week: We will remain in this unsettled weather pattern through mid week. More showers and storms are expected Sunday and Monday as we remain on the southern edge of this trough. There will be a strengthening of a ridge by Wednesday which will limit rain chances and in return allow for the temperatures climb.