Tracking the Tropics: Delta makes landfall near Cancun as a category two hurricane


Hurricane Delta was downgraded to a category two storm as it made landfall in Puerto Morelos, near Cancun, with winds of 100 mph. Delta continues to lash the resort communities, including Cozumel and Cancun, with heavy rain and very strong wind. The good news is, conditions should improve quickly as the storms forward speed is fairly fast for a tropical cyclone.

The big question after this morning is where does Delta go once it’s in the Gulf. The main concern is how fast and where does the storm start to take its northern turn. Right now we expect that to happen Thursday afternoon, leading to a more western track. However, if that turn happens a little sooner than forecast, we could see a track that’s a little farther east. The big take away this morning’s updated track is good news for us.

We will still see adverse conditions from Delta starting on Friday. Waves of rain are likely Friday afternoon and evening as the storm approaches the Louisiana Gulf coast. We don’t expect many strong storms, but a few rumbles of thunder are possible with heavy downpours mixed in. We’ll also start to see a little wind pick up, too.

The worst of the weather for us moves in on Saturday. Depending on the storm’s size and path, our impacts could be a little different than forecast. Right now, we’ll call for heavy rain and some wind with the outside chance of a spin-up tornado. The biggest impacts would be felt in west Alabama, with a lower risk of these hazards east of I-65. It’s important to stay aware of any updates to the forecast and we’ll keep you updated.

Weather will improve on Sunday as the remnant low of Delta moves northeast. We’ll see some lingering rain in the morning, but a drying out process starts on Sunday afternoon and continues into the start of the week.

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