Radio Row creates unique atmosphere at SEC Media Days


SEC Media Days has a unique atmosphere for many reasons, and Radio Row contributes to that.

Each year, dozens of radio stations from across the Southeast line the hallway that leads from the Hyatt Regency lobby to the Riverchase Galleria mall. Coaches, players, national media personalities and even college football leaders come through, often hopping from one seat to another as they do interviews. It’s one of the few times you’ll find this many stations from this many places all in one location.

“It’s really the only part of our business where you will see the biggest radio station in Atlanta on level pegging with the smallest station in Little Rock, Arkansas,” Jay Black, sports director at WSB Radio in Atlanta, said. “Because everybody is here for the same thing. This is the closest thing you’re going to get to the entire conference before the season starts, and frankly during the entire season.”

It’s been the site of some memorable moments in the event’s history, and coaches often have taken advantage of the opportunity.

“Tommy Tuberville would always come the day before his session here because he wanted to do the rounds of the radio shows,” said Phil Kornblut, who hosts the “SportsTalk” show, which airs on stations across South Carolina. “Because from a recruiting standpoint, before the Internet became such a huge part of recruiting, how could you reach the masses of kids and listeners? Through radio talk shows. So these coaches saw the value of doing that.”

Fans also see the value of Radio Row. Many camp out in the hotel’s lobby at one end of Radio Row to see coaches and players pass by on their way to interviews or press conferences.

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