Parents, teachers aim to save on Sales Tax Holiday


The Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday began just after midnight Friday and lasts until midnight Sunday. All weekend, the state waives its four-percent sales tax on certain school supplies and clothing, along with books and computers.

Here’s the list of items that are tax exempt.

Some cities and counties are waiving their taxes, as well. That means you can save even more money there.

School supply stores around the area are preparing for a busy weekend. The Parent-Teacher Store in Hoover offers extended hours for most of the summer. They take an all-hands-on-deck approach to the holiday.

“It gets very busy, and if you want to come in we hope to have lines and wall-to-wall customers,” Jolyn Stricklin, the store’s assistant manager, said. “So yeah, all of our staff will be here all three days. So we’ll be busy.”

The holiday is a big opportunity for parents preparing their kids for the school year.

“If you’re a parent and you have a child in school, you know how expensive it is,” Stricklin said. “There’s no such thing as free education. And they have to spend a lot on supplies. So if they can save the tax money, that’s great for the parents.”

Teachers benefit from the holiday, as well, says Stricklin, who taught for 34 years.

“They don’t get their state money for supplies until the fall, usually October, she said. “So 90-percent of the teachers that come in here are going to be spending their own money. So if they can save a little bit by not having to pay tax, that’s great for them.”

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