Tropical Storm Omar Forms as Nana Tracks towards Belize

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Tracking the Tropics

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September 1st, 2020–At 4 PM CDT Tuesday, we now have our 14th AND 15th named storms of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season: Tropical Storm Nana & Tropical Storm Omar. The tropical wave we’d been watching in the Caribbean has actually formed rather quickly into an official tropical storm BEFORE Tropical Depression 15–the disturbance off the Carolina coast. Thus, our Caribbean storm has received the name “Nana” ahead of TD 15.

Tropical Storm Nana–4 PM CDT Tuesday

With that being said, Tropical Storm Nana is now located just West of Jamaica, tracking West at 18 mph with a minimum central pressure of 1002mb and maximum sustained winds of 50 mph. On satellite imagery, the storm has developed a fairly organized low-level circulation & strong convection surrounding the center.

Tropical Storm Nana Forecast Track–4 PM CDT Tuesday

Fortunately for us in the South, upper-level ridging over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico this will effectively BLOCK Tropical Storm Nana from coming to close to home. Therefore, Nana will maintain its track & make landfall in Belize on Thursday, potentially as a category 1 hurricane.

Tropical Storm Omar–4 PM CDT Tuesday

Meanwhile, in the Western Atlantic, Tropical Storm Omar has officially formed in the Western Atlantic, and continues to drift away from the Carolina coast as it gets carried out to sea by the prevailing Westerlies. Currently, Omar is tracking ENE at 15 mph with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph, and a minimum central pressure of 1007mb.

Tropical Storm Omar Forecast Track–4 PM CDT Tuesday

Thankfully for EVERYONE–not just those of us in the United States–this disturbance will not make landfall anywhere before dissipating.

Much farther out in the Eastern Atlantic, the ITCZ is churning out multiple tropical waves off the West coast of Africa that are worth watching for tropical development. This is to be expected, given how we are now only 9 days away from the historical peak of hurricane season on September 10th. We’ll keep watching them as the week goes on. Fortunately, at this time, NO tropical system currently in progress will pose any threat to the mainland US.

2020 Tropical Cyclone Names–September 1st, 2020

It’s also worth noting that despite being less than halfway through hurricane season, we are MORE than halfway through the standard 21 English names for this year. We have a good chance of seeing Greek alphabet names for storms this season–an event that hasn’t happened since the extremely active season in 2005.

Be sure to stay tuned for more tropical weather updates right here on! Have a great evening.

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