Tropical Storm Harold made landfall this morning along the South Texas Gulf Coast on Padre Island. It will continue to move inland across the Rio Grande Valley.

Tropical Storm Franklin remains poorly organized in the eastern Caribbean due to strong wind shear. It is forecast to turn north and move over Hispaniola tonight into Wednesday as a tropical storm. However, the center may change position to where the strongest storms are located, so the landfall position is likely going to change. Once north of the Island, it will turn NE and strengthen into a hurricane just south of Bermuda on Friday. Forecast models have it turning back north and then curving back west toward Bermuda and the U.S., and then curving back out into the Atlantic next week. There is a lot of uncertainty in the future track of Franklin, and this is assuming it survives the track over Hispaniola.

Lastly, there is a tropical wave (Invest 92L) over the Cabo Verde Islands, and is disorganized. Conditions are favorable for some development, and it could become a tropical depression later this week or weekend out in the open Atlantic waters.

The remnants of Emily are not expected to redevelop as it tracks across the open waters of the Central Atlantic.