Tracking the Tropics: Tropical Storm Beta makes Landfall

Tracking the Tropics

Tropical Update Monday 10PM:
Beta just made landfall on the Matagorda Peninsula. It won’t stay long as it’s expected to curve back out to the Gulf, all while staying close to the shore line. This set up will cause Tropical Storm forced winds, increased surge and rain along the Texas and Louisiana coast through the middle of the week.

Tropical storm forced winds are being measure by our reconnaissance aircraft up to 125 from the center.

Maximum sustained winds are near 45 mph.

Beta is forecast to move back off shore late Tuesday and remain just off the coast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Alabama impacts will be a little later into the week. Rainfall forecasts are now putting the axis of moisture and rain from Jackson, MS, through Birmingham, to Atlanta. We could see over 2″ of rain in some spots. Because the rain will be spaced out over several days, I do not anticipate flooding at this time.

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