Tracking the Tropics: There is a trough of low pressure about 900 miles WSW of the Cabo Verde Islands. It is disorganized as it moves through the Saharan Dust. However, conditions are favorable for gradual development, and a tropical depression could form during the next few days as it slowly moves to the WNW across the central tropical Atlantic. NHC is giving this wave a medium chance to develop.

A tropical wave and broad area of low pressure is near the Cabo Verde Islands. It is disorganized, but some slow development is possible by this weekend as it moves WNW across the eastern tropical Atlantic. Conditions are somewhat favorable for development into a tropical depression over the weekend. However, conditions will become unfavorable for development early next week. NHC is giving this wave a medium chance to develop.

Lastly, an area of low pressure could form in the central or western Gulf of Mexico early next week. Some slow development of this system is possible as it moves west toward Texas and Northern Mexico. NHC is giving this system a low chance to develop.

Lastly, Hurricane Hilary formed in the Eastern Pacific today. It is forecast to become a major hurricane in the next few days. Then it will weaken before making landfall on Baja California on Sunday/Monday. The remnants will move north into California and Arizona. They will bring heavy rain that will lead to flooding issues early next week for those states.