Invest 91L, (the remnants of Agatha) is now in the NW Caribbean, and a new area of low pressure is trying to develop just off the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. This system is disorganized now due to strong upper-level winds, but it is expected to become more organized over the next day or so.

The forecast calls for it to become a tropical depression or even a tropical storm (Alex) by the weekend. It will move to the northeast toward South Florida where it will bring heavy rains to that state. NHC is giving this system a high chance to develop. This is not a direct threat to the Northern Gulf Coast. However, we could possibly see some swells from the system.

There is also a weak trough northeast of the Bahamas. It is producing disorganized showers and storms, and it is not expected to develop due to strong wind shear aloft. NHC is giving this a low chance to develop.

Elsewhere…the rest of the tropics are quiet.

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