Hurricane Hanna Makes Landfall on Padre Island, Texas

Tracking the Tropics

Hurricane Hanna Makes Landfall on Padre Island, TX

5:30 PM CDT SATURDAY: Hurricane Hannah has officially made landfall on Padre Island, TX…about 65 miles South of Corpus Christi. Maximum sustained winds have reached 90 mph. Pressure has been steadily dropping since yesterday, leading to its intensification. Pressure now sits at 973 millibars.

Hannah is heading to the coast of south Texas where flooding rain is likely to be the biggest concern. Anywhere from 2-8″ of rain are possible with locally heavy amounts in some spots.

The surge will be most elevated right along the coast from Corpus Christi to Brownsville, with 3 to 5 feet of inundation possible.

ALABAMA IMPACT: Although Hannah will have minimal impacts to central Alabama, there will be a higher risk for rip currents and there will likely be red flag warnings through the weekend. Stay safe on the Alabama beaches.

Remnants of Gonzalo

Tropical Storm Gonzalo has officially dissipated. The storms remnant remain in the Southern Caribbean, and no longer pose a threat.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, a tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa bears watching. Normally, we wouldn’t be concerned about waves this far out in the Atlantic becoming anything to worry about, but this one could be different.

That’s the latest for now! Be sure to stay tuned for any forecast changes right here.


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