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ROCK TAVERN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – When you watch the Oscars Sunday night, you’ll see some New York. Quite a bit actually, as the statuettes you will see handed to the stars, were produced and cast in the Hudson Valley.

The original Oscar statuette was sculpted in 1928, cast in bronze. However, for the past 30 something years they’ve been cast in pewter by a Chicago company. This year here in New York they’re once again cast in bronze.

Polich Tallix Foundries in Rock Tavern got the call from the academy in November.

“They wanted to go back to a more artistic rendering of the statue and that’s where we come in,” said Dick Polich, founder of Polich Tallix Foundries.

He says over the years changes occurred in the Oscar.

“What we did here was we did a digital scan of the original Oscar and we did a digital scan of the Oscar that was used last year,” said Polich.

They combined the scans, used a 3D printer to make a model, then cast plaster ones, then a finished mold. Finally in January, production began on the Oscars you’ll see during the ceremony. Casted in bronze, they’re sent off to be electroplated with 24-Karat gold.

“The company is a world renowned foundry that has a reputation. The academy heard about and decided to give us a call to see what we could do,” said Nevin Littlehail, Quality Control Supervisor, Polich Tallix Foundries.

Littlehail says they cast for artists who are in the finest collections in the world, such as Frank Stella.

Polich says his success lies in being able to help artists use the latest technology available. He hopes to continue producing the Oscars, but says there are no guarantees.

In this business, as in any other business it’s performance, keeping promises and doing good work.

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