Washington farmer creates ‘pumpkin cannon’

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NACHES, Wash. (WIAT) — You would think the words “pumpkins” and “cannons” don’t even belong in the same sentence, but don’t say that to a farmer in Washington state, who’s shooting giant gourds almost a mile through the air.

“I’ve always maintained that Naches should be the town that Norman Rockwell would loved to have painted,” said Thompson, builder of the cannons.

For well over 20 years, he has taken the refuse from his farm and turned them into works of art.

“I don’t buy very much, most of the stuff just comes right off the farm,” Thompson said. “It’s recycled.”

Art ranging from watermills to makeshift swings, and his biggest attraction, his pumpkin cannons.

Powered by pressurized air, these weapons of agricultural destruction have the power to launch jack-o-lanterns nearly a mile away.

It’s an attraction that brings in hundreds, if not thousands of eager eyes to his farm every October.

“It’s my pride and joy, it’s very unique, there’s only one of those in the world,” said Thompson.

All of the contraptions were built from scratch.

Normally, you’d find them on the internet for thousands of dollars, but Thompson said he brought most of them to life for mere hundreds.

Every year, you’ll find something new on Thompson’s farm, such as walnut guns or water pump race tracks.

It’s a hobby he’s not hesitant to share with the community, and one that makes a visit unforgettable.

“That’s what we’re trying to do here,” said Thompson. “We want to create and experience.”

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