Texas brothers close barber shop after cutting hair for 64 years

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SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (WIAT) — Two Texas brothers have been cutting hair together in San Antonio since 1950.

However, their journey came to an end Saturday when they closed their shop.

“We were 17-years-old when we got our license,” said Harry Hedrick. “We had a barber’s license before we had a high school education.”

“We started in 1950, so this makes this about 64 years,” said Harold Hedrick. “We’ve been side by side all them years, yes.”

“There’s a lot of history there, I mean, you think about the time they were cutting hair before they were even here, they were on post running all the barber shops,” said Tim Clark, long-time customer.

Harold said the brothers cut hair at Fort Sam for around 32 years, and also cut hair in the Navy for four years during the Korean War.

“Both my boys, they’ve been coming since they were sitting on little bunker boards on the chairs,” said Clark. “Since they were however old.”

Harold said their contract is up at their current location, so he plans to retire, while Harry plans to relocate.

“I’ve enjoyed my life. I’ve enjoyed cutting hair for all these years, so I’m ready to see how the rest of the world works,” said Harold.

Harry said as he sends his brother into retirement, he hopes to work another year or so before retiring himself.

“Someday I may not be able to do this, but until then I’m going to do it,” said Harry.

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