Sisters separated as embryos reunited

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(WIAT) — Two sisters separated as embryos have been reunited. All thanks to a couple who decided to give their embryos up for adoption.

It’s all joy for Jamie and Piper, who’ve been getting to know each other this past year after each learned quite by surprise she had a sister.

“When she met Jamie, she went back to school and I don’t think she shut up for a week to all the people, ‘I’ve got a sister,'” said David Joseph, Piper’s dad.

It’s all because Piper’s parents, David and Rhonda Joseph of La Grange, Kentucky took a leap of faith a decade ago and asked Allison and Tom Benassi of Newtown for their frozen embryos. Both couples had been working with the institute of reproductive health, which had its reunion of families at the zoo this Sunday. Ten years ago, as the Benassis were finally having their miracle baby, Jamie, the Josephs inquired through the agency about adopting frozen embryos. The Benassis agreed.

“April the 13th 2005, David and I traveled to Cincinnati to meet our embryos and there were five. Four of them survived the thaw, and Dr. Shiver implanted all four of them,” said Rhonda Joseph, Piper’s mother.

Piper was born that December. It was around this time last year she told her parents she wanted to meet her biological parents, and the couples agreed to meet and introduce the girls.

“It’s been an instant connection,” said Tom Benassi. “You would never know that they didn’t know each other for the first 10 years or 9 years.”

“We do act like sisters,” said Jamie. “We do argue sometimes.”

“People say you know they’ll ask isn’t it strange? I mean what did you feel when you met Allison and Tom and for us, and I know for me personally, I couldn’t wait to meet them because I wanted to say thank you,” said Rhonda Joseph. “I’ve never felt an awkward moment. They feel like family.”

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