Protesters pressure NBC to cancel Trump’s SNL appearance

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(WIAT) — There’s growing pressure on NBC to cancel Donald Trump’s scheduled guest-host appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

Wednesday night several Latino advocacy groups delivered signatures to the network, calling on it to dump Trump over his recent controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.

As promos for Donald Trump’s SNL appearance got heavy play online Wednesday night, groups of Latino advocacy groups gathered outside NBC headquarters, calling on the network to cancel his guest-host spot.

Angered by Trump’s recent comments describing Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, the coalition of groups delivered more than 500,000 signatures to the network.

“There is no clear answer as to what exactly NBC plans to do, and to me, that’s unacceptable,” said Juan Escalante with America’s Vote. “It means they don’t really care about their viewers.”

NBC already ended business ties with Trump after his comments months ago. Media observers don’t see the billionaire being pulled off SNL this weekend.

“I think they should demonstrate, ratings will go even higher,” said Trump. “It’s going to be one of the highest rated shows ever.”

Out on the campaign trail, Trump’s Republican rivals are staying away from the SNL controversy.

“I don’t want equal time on SNL,” said Carson. When asked, Carson said he also would not be watching this weekend.

Including Jeb Bush, who is intensifying his ground game in New Hampshire, a must-win state for him.

“I know I can get better,” said Bush. “I know America can get better.”

NBC hasn’t said whether other presidential candidates are being considered to host SNL.

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