Peyton Manning’s littlest fans cheer him on in SB 50

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Peyton Manning hasn’t played for Indianapolis since 2011, but the city was still rooting for him in Super Bowl 50.

And no where were they more excited than at the hospital bearing his name.

The Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent held a viewing party for tonight’s Super Bowl.

“I went bedside to bedside today with my patients and I didn’t hear one person not rooting for Peyton Manning,” said Dr. Lytitia Shea, a pediatrician at the hospital.

Their love for Manning goes beyond the field.

“He’s a good athlete and a good man also,” said Andrew Strange, who’s son is being treated at the hospital. “(He) always did Indianapolis proud and I think he’s done so in Denver also.”

Before Manning went to Denver he was an Indianapolis Colt for 13 years. Off the field he spent a lot of time raising money and advocating for children’s pediatric care.

“He’s just really dedicated to Peyton Manning (Hospital) and we’re really fortunate and excited for that relationship with him,” said Rachel Smock, who attended the party.

“He cares about our patients; he cares about our families. He makes visits when he’s in town. He makes phone calls,” said Dr. Shea.

Manning’s connection to the hospital is still strong. Next month he’ll be in town for the hospital’s Celebration of Caring Gala on March 19.

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