RENO, Nev. (WIAT) – A man in Reno, Nevada, is trying to break a fitness world record, and it’s all for a good cause.

The exercise in question is known as a “burpee.”

Mark Zarubi is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for doing the most burpees in a 12 and 24-hour period.

“Since I make my client suffer through burpees every week, I thought I should get a taste of my own medicine and do it as well,” said Zarubi.

Zarubi is a trainer at St. Mary’s Center for Health and Fitness. The current 12-hour record he’s hoping to beat is 6,800 burpees. He also hopes to set a new 24-hour record by doing more than 10,110 burpees, which he has until 9 a.m. Wednesday to complete.

“Hopefully my sweat equity will turn into dollars for the SPCA,” said Zarubi.

Zarubi’s world record goal is all to help the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

“The SPCA is real important to my wife and I, we’ve rescued a pit bull from there last year, he’s just a sweet, awesome dog, we’re so thankful for the SPCA that we have him in our home, so anything we can do to raise awareness of these great animals that are there and to raise money for the SPCA is what we’re trying to do,” said Zarubi.

The nonprofit organization completely relies on donations. Officials said Zarubi’s world record attempt is a one-of-a-kind fundraiser for them.

“We’re seeing a lot of money come in for it and we’re hoping that other people like mark will think outside the box and do an event like this to raise awareness for the homeless animals,” said Lili Walker of the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

“Nobody has ever done 24-hours as far as my clients go, so I’m taking a big pill for them,” said Zarubi.

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