This week we have an update on how LaTasha Toney is doing in the eCO Savings Race. Latasha is sharing some of her secrets to keeping food costs down.  

eCO Savings Race Coach Georgia Hux said that LaTasha decided early in the race that one of the biggest expenses she could cut back on was eating out. “She used eating out as a way to hang out with her friends, as an excuse not to just cook for one person, which is really hard. So she decided that she was going to commit to it,” Hux said. 

Instead of eliminating eating out altogether, LaTasha opted for a sustainable option.   

“Each month I create a budget. I set a certain amount of money aside that I want to use for eating out. I also have times where I might just meet someone for coffee. That’s my way of connecting with that person,” LaTasha said.

“Her being able to really cut back, go to the grocery store, meal plan, meal prep, and just be more intentional about when she does go out to eat has really changed her budget,” Hux said. 

Latasha says her biggest advice on cooking for one is keeping your menu simple. She enjoys taking tuna salad kits to work. And says hard-boiled-eggs make easy, affordable snacks.  And, Toney said, eating on a budget is not so bad if you’re working toward goals. 

“I would encourage people to figure out their ‘why’ for wanting to get out of debt or wanting to save money. If you do not have a ‘why’ connected, you might be in the same financial situation again later on,” said LaTasha. 

eCO Takeaway Tip 

      Don’t be afraid to dream! It’s important to think of how you will use your  
      money when you have met your debt and savings goals. Whether it is a splurge 
      purchase, a dream vacation, or a way to bless others, think about your 
      dream as you make sacrifices. 

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