BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – This week for our eCO Savings Race update, Danielle Stephenson is sharing a very creative way she is making extra money.

Danielle has a degree in Art. She used to use painting as her creative outlet. Now her love is jewelry making

“I have a studio that I work on some jewelry that I sell in some art shows, I sell it on Etsy, and I also have it in a salon. I designed everything based on what I would wear and what I would like to make,” Stephenson said

Danielle is a stay-at-home mom. Still, she loves to be able to contribute to the household income by using her passion for jewelry making in her spare time

“It’s helped a lot actually. I’ve made several thousand dollars just during the savings race to put towards our debt. Fall is a really good time for art shows, so I had several of them lined up. And I have a few more coming up in the spring. I’m hoping to add some more money to the debt,” said Stephenson.

Her husband, Jeremy, says he enjoys seeing his wife so fulfilled following her passion.

For others thinking about starting a small side business to help bring in extra income, Danielle suggests that you start small.

“Do what to you love. Don’t try to make things that you think someone’s going to buy, just make something that you really like, and then people will feel that love in the piece. And when they will have an emotional connection to it, that is when they will buy it,” Stephenson said.

“When there is an art show local in the Birmingham area, there is a good chance you’ll see her! Go find her,” said Jeremy.

This week’s takeaway tip could help you add a little extra income to your monthly budget:

Consider all of your talents or passions and research how you could use them to earn extra income.

From tutoring to making jewelry or even walking dogs, you can often use what you enjoy to earn extra funds.