eCO Savings Race: Team Jackson update

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(CBS42 Community) – Team Jackson has been working hard over the past six months to achieve financial peace during the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race. During that time, both Quinton and Michelle have established some positive new habits.

Michelle says her biggest advice for other is to start when you are ready for a change.

“That is the most important thing. Don’t jump out there in thinking that you’re ready and then you backslide because that limits your opportunities for success. Begin small. Put something in writing. Make it an affirmation. Put it on your vision board- something that you can see consistently and know, this is my goal, and this is what I am working towards,” said Michelle.

Michelle and Quinton both agree that journaling is a great technique.

“I always believe in writing things down. If you see it, you repeat it, and it becomes a habit for you,” Michelle said. “I feel like we’ve gotten to this level, because of putting dedication into what we are doing,” said Quinton.

Michelle says it can be easy to let yourself feel overwhelmed. She says tackle your financial goals one small step at a time.eCO Takeaway Tip:

It’s important to make sustainable changes when improving your financial picture. At times, you might need extra intensity, but be sure to remember that it’s a marathon—not a sprint.

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