BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — Team Jackson is one step closer to achieving a goal that is truly priceless.

“We are in the process of adopting a child,” said Michelle Jackson, one of the finalist in the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race. Before the race began, Quintin and Michelle talked to different professionals about the feasibility of adopting.

“Most people think that adopting is free, or it’s like $2000. No. It’s a lot more than that. [Before the race] we realized we couldn’t afford it. The way that we were living, and the life choices we were making, would not make adopting feasible,” Michelle said.

Thanks to the guidance and encouragement from their eCO Credit Union Coaches, the Jacksons feel like their goals of adopting a child are becoming possible.

“Knowing how to do things differently, there is a different outlook on how we can maybe potentially expand our family. It just gives us so many more opportunities knowing what we can do now that we are more prepared,” said Michelle.

Quintin says that family is number one in the Jackson household. Spending quality time together is very important.

“We find the time to do things as a family. Even if it’s things in the house. If we go outside, it’s something that we have thought about, and we’ve budgeted for,’” said Quinton.eCO Takeaway Tip:

  • When working to improve your finances, goals are a great way to help yourself stay on track.
  • Set short-term, less than one year, and long-term goals. Choose a date you would like to accomplish each goal and write down a dollar amount needed for each. Seeing the goals on paper will help keep you motivated and can even reveal how much you need to save each month to reach your goals.Follow along with all of the final three teams at