eCO Savings Race: Coaches Update for Team Hicks, Team Grinfield, and Team Shepherd

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(CBS42 Community) – Coaches Shep Lowery and Jamie Hatcher have given up the inside scoop on how Team Grinfield and Team Shepherd are doing in their eCO Savings Race journey.

Both coaches say that they appreciate the positive energy team Hicks brings to the race and her team’s ability to stick to their budget.

“She was super excited from the beginning, and she still is,” Lowery said. “The biggest accomplishment for the Hicks family is creating and sticking to a budget. I think the sticking to a budget is the biggest accomplishment for them,” said Hatcher.

The Grinfield’s have been using all the eCO Credit Union resources they can get their hands on!

“What surprised me the most is their commitment to eCO and to this race. (Heather) is always in our branches talking to employees learning tips or just talking to us about our products and how we can help her more,” said Lowery. “Refinancing credit cards with eCO’s balance transfer promotion has really helped. And just taking advantage of products like that, that has really given her room to have, to make more progress in areas of her finances,” Hatcher said.

Lowery and Hatcher say that Team Shepherd is making wonderful progress with their finances.

“Before the race, they handled their finances separately. We knew it was going to be a big challenge for them to part from their individual ways and merge them together, but they have really done a great job! They’ve begun to see the benefits of doing their finances together as a team,” said Hatcher. “They are not afraid to ask for help. To talk to other teams, they are just really outgoing. In that regard,” Lowery said.

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