(CBS42 Community) – As we end the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race, we are taking this week to check in with two of our most recent winners; the Deal family and the McCord family.

Two seasons ago, the Deal family won the 3rd edition of the eCO Savings Race.

Since the last time we saw them, Alex and Roni have added a new smaller member to their savings team.

“On Valentine’s day. We had a little boy. That definitely changes a lot of things. We had to rearrange the budget,” said Roni.

“Budgeting is just what we do! We still have to rearrange. Sometimes we go over (our budget). But it’s a part of our lives that’s for sure,” Alex said.

The Deal’s way of life has continued to change for the better.

“The neat thing is watching our net worth go up as the debt going down,” said Alex.

“We’re still following everything we did in the race. Sometimes we do fail but we’re trying to live that way with the budget, the envelope system, everything,” Roni said.

Last season, the McCord’s were the lucky winners of the race. Their life-changing financial knowledge helped tremendously when their daughter went to the emergency room.

“As a parent it was the most frightening thing in the world. This was an unforeseen thing. The ambulance bill, the hospital bill…if we hadn’t have done (the eCO Savings Race program), we wouldn’t have been able to cover the expenses,” Pierce said.

Luckily, their emergency fund covered everything.

“This is all things that we learned in FPU. How to be smart with our money,” said Pierce.

“After the race, we’ve accomplished a lot. we’ve paid off about $35,000 worth of debt. We’ve also been able to give about $10,000. Giving has always been on our heart. We do want to save money but we enjoy giving more,” Brooke said.

Who will win the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race? Find out Monday, May 8th during the CBS42 News at 6!