(CBS42 Community) – As the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race comes to an end, we are catching up with past winners to see where their financial picture stands years after their savings race journey has ended.

“The Savings Race changed my life,” Kristy Roy said. Roy was the winner in the first eCO Savings Race! She says the lessons she learned during the race have led to a place of true financial peace.

“I’m happy to say that I have zero credit card debt – I have zero debt period…because I paid off my car,” Roy said.

Roy says the savings race was more than just a push to eliminate debt, it was about learning good financial habits.

“It just became a lifestyle change. Just like when you go on a diet, and you change your lifestyle according to what you eat, I changed my lifestyle with my finances,” said Roy. “I have financial freedom, and I’m very proud to say that.”

Dana and Tony Dodd were the winners of the second edition eCO Savings Race. The couple says they are still following the principles they learned.

“We still stick to our budget. We have a budget meeting every month,” Tony said.

“I love the budget,” Dana said. “I love having a plan and knowing that this is the money you have this month, and this is where it needs to go.”

Their careful planning has helped the couple continue their quest to be totally debt free.

“We’re almost totally debt free. We’ve still got the house. We’ve paid off two cars ever since we left the race. We’re getting really close,” said Tony. “It’s definitely possible to stick to a savings plan! Telling our money where to go gives us a control. A peace. It’s a really good feeling,” said Dana.

Join us next week when we check up on our most recent Savings Race winners; the Deal and the McCord families.